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The CPOQ Disciplinary Committee is in charge of receiving and investigating complaints made against its members for any infractions related to the CPOQ bylaws or code of ethics.

In order for the committee to meet, a complaint against a member must have been filed directly with the chairman of the CPOQ Disciplinary Committee. The complaint must be in writing and accompanied by a declaration attesting to the veracity of the complaint and including the name of the therapist, the nature, circumstances, time, and place of the alleged offence. The osteopath accused will not be able to communicate with the plaintiff without prior written permission of the chairman of the Disciplinary Committee, as soon as he is informed of the investigation into his conduct or professional competence. The Disciplinary Committee may issue, if deemed necessary, non-publication and / or non-disclosure orders for any information allowing the identification of the person who filed the complaint with the committee.

If the complaint is well founded, the Disciplinary Committee will adopt any rule designed to ensure the internal management of complaints and subsequently set a fit and proper sentence ranging from a simple reprimand to permanent striking off.

All osteopaths must have a code of ethics on display. They shall leave a copy of the code of ethics in plain sight so that clients can have access to it and consult it if need be. If, as a member, you are unable to get a copy of this document, the CPOQ agrees to provide it to you.

For any questions or to file a complaint, please contact the Disciplinary Committee at:

247-E, Ste-Catherine
St-Constant (Québec) 
J5A 2J6

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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